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Meet Our Graphic Designers


You will be working directly with our designers to ensure

that you get a web design that truly reflects your district.



Aaron Newhouse


Aaron Newhouse

Lead Graphic Designer

Aaron graduated with a Bachelor's degree in graphic design from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, OK.  Aaron has been in the graphic design industry for 10 years and has extensive experience working with clients, advertisements, and other visual communication projects. Joining the Gabbart Communications team in the fall of 2019, Aaron is excited to help clients meet their goals and bring their visual concepts to life.  When he's not designing, Aaron enjoys spending time with family, painting, and traveling


Even though you don’t see them, they are the A-Team behind all of our new features!

Take a look at some of our amazing developers who really listen to what our users want.


An image of Glenn Powell

Glenn Powell

Lead CMS Developer
An image of Dalton Boyer

Dalton Boyer

Lead WISDOM Developer
An image of Abby Del Angel Isenberg

Abby Del Angel Isenberg

Lead App Developer
An image of Cassie Vidal

Cassie Vidal

Graphic Designer