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3. Design Elements


Design Element 1: Widgets

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  • Choose from the following layout options
    - 2 big
    - 1 small, 1 big, 1 small
    - 2 small, 1 big
    - 1 big, 2 small
  • Widgets Available: Upcoming Events, Quick Links, News Articles (text + images), Announcements  (no images), Facebook Feed, and Twitter Feed




Design Element 2: Slideshow



  • Can be contained or uncontained (meets the edge of the screen)
  • Can show or hide captions. If you hide captions with this particular stack item, it will still be ADA compliant




Design Element 3: Shortcut Blocks



  • Allows 2, 4 or 6 shortcut boxes
  • Can use any images for the background
  • Allows for a title and sub title (optional)
  • Can add an icon to each shortcut box and can make it as large or small as wanted




Design Element 4: Trendy News Articles


  • Can be used in replace of a standard slideshow if wanted
  • Feeds from a News Article page type that the user controls adding information to
  • Can link off to other pages to read more so you don’t have to overwhelm the user up front
  • Can display up to 10 images




Design Element 5: Design Video



  • Can display a full width video as a loop
  • The loop video can include a color overlay and a caption (like design stack home page)
  • Second video option is a contained video with a play button (above)
  • Height of videos are determined by the proportions of the video that’s uploaded




Design Element 6: Double Calendar


Upcoming Events

Gabbart Calendar


  • Highly requested by our school districts
  • The Upcoming Events displays on the left so you can see the closest dates coming up with more information
  • The full calendar displays on the right and you see more details when you hover over the dashes
  • Pulls from the same calendar



Design Element 7: YouTube Feed

Featured Videos


  • Requested specifically by our school districts
  • Uses your YouTube username and feeds the videos in the order they are uploaded, the most recent first


Design Element 8: Scroll Over Images



  • Image heavy to create a “wow” factor when you first visit a site!
  • Allows for a background image, title, body copy, and rollover animation
  • Can contain or uncontain (reach edges of the screen) on each row
  • Allows for 2 or 3 images per row
  • ​Can add multiple rows on top of each other for a great effect



Design Element 9: Social Media Heading

Social media bar


  • Background color must be uncontained (meets far left and right hand of screen)
  • Social media accounts posted above are the only ones available to display
  • Have an option to make the social media icons full color or 1-color
  • Can customize the font family, font size, verbiage, and colors


Design Element 10: Design Quote


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  • Background color can be contained or uncontained
  • Allows for an optional favicon above the quote
  • Decorative vertical lines optional
  • Can customize the font family, font size, and verbiage


Design Element 11: Twin Feature


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  • Administration

  • Elementary Teachers

  • Middle School Teachers

  • High School Teachers

business people

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  • Administration

  • Elementary Teachers

  • Middle School Teachers

  • High School Teachers

cloud pic


  • Allows for 2 separate backgrounds: One on the outside and one that displays on hover per side
  • Inside rollover displays 4 bullet points about the page itself so the users can see what the page includes without actually clicking off
  • Ideal for pages that the name of the page doesn't give enough details
  • Allows for 2 separate icon overlays: One on the outside and one that displays on hover per side 


Design Element 12: Parallax


Classrooms with the latest technology

All of the classics housed in one library

Online Learning Available


  • Parallax images can either be one, two, or three
  • Groups of 3 parallax images can be two on the right or two on the left
  • Images can be uncontained (meets the edges of the browser) or contained in an invisible box to display the background color on the left and right side
  • Optional text can be displayed on top of the images
  • Can customize the font family, font size, and font color


Design Element 13: Feature Video

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Gabbart Communications

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  • Choose any video uploaded to your video drawer to display in this stack
  • Add a title and description to outline what your video is about
  • Video does not play until the user presses play so the sound doesn't take over their computer unwillingly